My journey into the world of weaving

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1200 ends is a lot of ends to thread

I took advantage of having a day off and thought I could complete the threading.
As I neared the last bunch of ends, I realized it was two off. Sigh.
So I began to check, from the beginning. The error was, of course, about half way through. An unfortunate repeat. So I added two heddles and have been unthreading in order to rethread. I’m about where I was when I started this morning!
I guess I’m a little rusty but 1200 is a lot of ends.

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Plugging along

I am still dressing the loom with the dishtowel warp! I had to rethread the heddles upon making a rather large error. I’m now rechecking the threading, found one error. So it serves to recheck!
Next will be winding the warp. I’m a little nervous about this. These cotton ends are so tangly! But I’ll beam inch by inch if I have to.
I don’t think I’ll be weaving for another couple of weeks. I will take a picture when it is ready for that.
But it has felt good to put the mind to the task as it were.

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New warp on loom

More handspun – all grays and variations of gray with an odd purple/blue in the mix.
This was a challenging warp! It is very sticky yarn. When it came time to shake out the bouts in preparation for beaming, that’s when I discovered crossed ends in the heddles. After some fuss and some near disasters, I learned a quick and easy way to straighten those yarns. All got straightened and I beamed the warp. It is now ready to tie onto the front beam and commence weaving!

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Another error in the napkins!

I had woven about 3/4 of the first napkin when my eye was caught by a discrepancy in the pattern. What! I looked closer (and this means taking my glasses off) and sure enough, an end is threaded incorrectly.

I finished number one and fixed the error by adding a heddle in the right shaft. I think it is fixed. Have woven a couple of repeats and it looks good….except for the first few picks. I am thinking seriously about doing some unweaving to fix whatever ails there. Unless I can talk myself into the fact that the hem might cover this. Hmmmm. Just about talked into that.

And this after a broken end! Which I fixed easily. Amazing how this used to be so stressful. Now I just shrug and fix. Oh well.

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“Getting to know you…”

Getting to know all about the Norwood loom! I feel we are getting to know each other. I know how the loom goes together; today I got to know how the heddles on the shaft work. I am doing an inventory and then I want to put the same number of heddles on each shaft.

I’m away this weekend but preparing the first project for this loom begins in earnest soon. I am doing bath towels! It looks to be a fairly straightforward project. I was tempted by this month’s Handwoven pattern for a doubleweave blanket. That I’ll take on when I know this loom a bit better.

I’ll be posting a lot about weaving on this loom, beginning no doubt with dressing it with its first warp!