My journey into the world of weaving

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Weaving right along

I have done about 50 inches – it is going very quickly! I have two skeins of the pumpkin but they were dyed at different times so there is a slight difference in color, not texture, but color. I think I have enough of the one pumpkin to complete this first scarf but I am thinking that I could augment with the second skein. I don’t think the difference would be that if at all visible. Then with the second skein with whatever I have, I am thinking of mixing in more of the Peace Fleece. The reddish brown “mushroom” would actually meld quite nicely with this second skein. I used a little of it with this first scarf and it was OK. So I’ll end up with two scarves.

One little almost mishap – I forgot to hem-stitch the first end and got well into the piece before I remembered. I needed that tension to complete the job! So my dear husband pulled it taut while I hem-stitched, bless him!

I have begun preparing the warp for the next set of scarves, using Mango Moon once more. I just love that stuff! So I will have made a total of 4 scarves with that!

This is fun! It lifts my spirits to be working with such color and texture!