My journey into the world of weaving


Off the loom and hemstitched!

The blanket panel is off the loom. It is 87 inches in length; 27.5 inches in width. I have fringed one end already. I am very pleased with the piece!

I have decided to go forward in weaving the second panel. What will be interesting is to see how it turns out. I had reversed everything with this first panel so it seems I should just unreverse. That’s my plan anyway.

I’ll probably get the warp onto the loom today, hopefully beamed too.

Here’s a picture of the hemstitching:


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Actual weaving has commenced!

This has felt like a long journey. I bought the Norwood on February 21 and just about a month later I began to warp and dress the loom.

There have been some bumps, but nothing at all serious, and I need to say that I like this loom! It is big! You may hear me say that again.

Beaming the warp was different. I am using the sectional warp pegs to divide the warp. This is in lieu of rolling paper. This worked nicely! Makes me think that actual sectional warping is something to consider in the future.

The shafts were next. Each shaft is divided into 3 sections. I wasn’t at all sure how to decide how many heddles to use in each section and that even changed after I threaded the heddles. Fortunately, it is easy to move the heddles between sections. The shafts seem very accessible!
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First scarf almost done

I have about 5 more inches to go, then hemstitch, and begin the second after blocking out about 12 inches for fringe for both!

I like weaving with my handspun. I guess they call it “novelty” because of all the slubs and different thicknesses. Actually as I weave the homespun, I am seeing more consistency in the yarn for longer amounts of time!

Off to Maine this weekend so I won’t be weaving or spinning much!

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One scarf done!

No one told me that working with a black warp would be such a challenge! Hemstitching was pretty slow work as I made sure to hem the right amount of ends.
But I finished! There were 12 inches left to do so I wove them this afternoon.
Next steps will be to weave in filler – I’m planning on 6 inches of fringe for each end of each scarf.
Then the green scarf begins!


And done!

I feel pleased with myself that I finished number 2. Finished that is on the loom. I hemstitched and then wove the filler for the third bathmat which will be the mauve color.
The weaving is going well. I am very curious to see if beating tighter will affect the waffle weave.
There is a ever so slight difference in tension on the left side. The effect is that I notice it only in a certain light! It’s not getting worse so I am not going to do anything about it but I am monitoring it.
So far, no glaring errors! The treadling is easy for these bathmats and I am really happy with my sheds.
So on to #3!