My journey into the world of weaving

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A fibery weekend

It was a good weekend to touch base with all of my projects. I commenced the 5th napkin, twin to the 4th. I did some spinning, enjoying my Ashford once more. The Louet has gone north to be with my sister for a bit. (We share this wheel). AND I began the warping for my next project: a vest made out of homespun! I’ve currently completed two warp chains, one blue and one purple. I’ll end up with 4 different colors in the warp.

The BIG thing I am doing is I am going to warp front to back! I have never done this and I want to do it with this warp because I want the colors to be somewhat random! So it is exciting to try something new and different and it has revitalized me.

Just plain felt good to have lots of fiber in my hands this weekend!

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5th done, 6th begun!

I am doing another plaid but with the birdseye pattern. I am intending to make it the same dimensions as the first napkin so that they will be a “pair”. A little more complex with the pattern and switching colors.

I also began to warp some homespun for a couple of scarves. I’m looking forward to weaving on the Tools. It’s been quite a while!