My journey into the world of weaving

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Second set well underway

My husband helped me beam the warp – I’m getting spoiled. It’s just so much easier with a second pair of hands – strong hands too!

Beamed, heddles threaded, and reed is all sleyed. Weaving has started!

One mistake: somehow I ended up with 199 ends, not 177. I’m not sure how that happened. What it translates into is two more repeats of the huck threading: 2-3-2-3-2-1-4-1-4-1. And about an inch wider. So overall everything worked out with the threading, I have woven 6 inches thus far and it looks good.

When I was threading the heddles, I came up with a different approach. Most likely someone else has thought of this. I put the ends in bunches of the pattern as above. So bunches of 10 ends for the bulk. This way I didn’t have to think and count at the same time! Just had to thread! Some prep time but well worth it.

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Started a new set of placemats

The white ones are done – I will post a picture at some point! I was able to do 6 plus a small one. This new set should give me 5. The pattern is the same: variations of huck lace and boxes. I am ready to beam the warp but taking a break. There’s always next weekend!

I am still spinning the llama. I finished one bobbin of single ply and have started a second. It’s going to make a lot of double ply! It feels good to get back into this.


“Wedgewood” placemats begun

I have finished the first placemat. I am still weaving a huck pattern but have changed the total pattern from the last set. I am weaving blocks of the huck, alternating with the tabby.


The weaving is very smooth thus far! and enjoyable with this pattern twist. It is interesting to weave!

My husband just looked at the loom and said – I thought you were weaving a rug!

The rug is coming, I promise. I’m still pondering and musing and calculating.