My journey into the world of weaving

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New set of napkins underway!

Weaving on the new set of napkins began in earnest today! I had one error in threading that had to be fixed even though I thought I had double checked everything! I am about half way through the first napking.


I did take my spinning wheel on vacation with me and plied what will forecver be known as my “4th of July” skein! Here’s the wheel:

spinning wheel

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Threading the heddles

This is a more complex pattern than I thought. It is a huckaback variation so I have a lot of different threadings going on along with the three different colors of the warp. Plus the fiber is a little slippery and thin. I am only doing a few bouts at a time. But I am also double checking as I go along. The last few projects have had to be halted and unweaving to correct the error. I am determined that this won’t happen this time!


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Weaving does continue!

That is to say, I am currently preparing for my next project of napkins, using stash. The pattern is from Handwoven, M/J 2010, p. 34. I am adapting to Lucy’s draft, a huckaback variation. I am feeling very worthy for using up some stash! And then I do have a next project, using new fiber and making clothing for the first time!

I am spinning, always spinning. I am in fact reaching the end of my fiber stash! I need to find a fiber fest in my future! Currently I am spinning Border Leicester and Border Leicester with mohair.