My journey into the world of weaving

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If only to just post in November before the month ends….

I have done some spinning, not too much weaving. I don’t know where the days go! but I am hoping for cozy winter weekends spent at my wheel or loom.
I do have the Louet back (my sister and I share this wheel). I would like to try spinning the raw fleece on that. What happens if I spin one bobbin on the Ashford and the other on the Louet and then ply on the Louet? I guess I’ll try it!
One observation: I have begun wearing scarves and enjoying wearing scarves. Especially mine. But. Many of mine I gave away! So. That’s next on the project boards: to spin a couple for me.

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Still on that third piece but almost done

Weaving has slowed down these past few weeks as real life insists on intruding. But this weekend I’ll be taking the piece off and finishing. Then I have to figure out how to create vests from these cloths!

I will probably dress the loom with either something off the cuff or something that I have the fiber for and pattern. Probably the second as that has been waiting on the sidelines for a bit and may as well tackle.

Spinning on the Louet and loving the big bobbins and the ease. It’s fun to have two wheels and two looms!

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A fibery weekend

It was a good weekend to touch base with all of my projects. I commenced the 5th napkin, twin to the 4th. I did some spinning, enjoying my Ashford once more. The Louet has gone north to be with my sister for a bit. (We share this wheel). AND I began the warping for my next project: a vest made out of homespun! I’ve currently completed two warp chains, one blue and one purple. I’ll end up with 4 different colors in the warp.

The BIG thing I am doing is I am going to warp front to back! I have never done this and I want to do it with this warp because I want the colors to be somewhat random! So it is exciting to try something new and different and it has revitalized me.

Just plain felt good to have lots of fiber in my hands this weekend!

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Weaving the 7th placemat

And I think that is all I can get out of this warp! They might get off the loom tomorrow. And that means I have to put something on! But what? I almost feel at a loss. I have enjoyed weaving these placemats so might continue with different fiber. Placemats are always good!

I am spinning on the Louet. I have a pound of llama! so that is what I am spinning. It’s going fairly smoothly.