My journey into the world of weaving

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Competed napkins/towels and new project!

The napkins or towels are done! some are even packaged up into Christmas presents!


The next project is on the loom: using handspun for both weft and warp. My husband helped with the pattern! If I could sit down for an extended amount of time, I could get it done pretty quickly!


Happy Holidays to all!

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“Napkins” off the loom

The “napkins” are finally off the loom (I began them in July!) I say “napkins” because I think they are really dish towels! I have washed all seven together and have cut them apart. Next I need to hem each and add my little label. I’ll be giving these as presents for sure. When they are all hemmed, I’ll take and post a picture, probably next weekend.

I am beginning to dress the Tools of the Trade with some handspun warp. I am thinking I’ll get two scarves out of this warp; the weft being more handspun. Most likely a plain weave.

And I finished spinning the Ashford wool roving. I had about a dozen different colors, about 4 oz in all. I mixed and meshed the colors. It spun really tight except for the last bunch which I really tried to spin loosely. Still tight. Not sure how it will weave.

A great way to end Thanksgiving.

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Towels are just about done

They are hemmed with my little labels. I want to wash them one more time and then they are done! Not saying right now what I am doing with them.

I am beginning the next project of linen napkins. I have a lot of ends to warp! It will be slow moving. I have found it difficult to weave in this heat – anyone else?

Also spinning away. The Louet is ready to travel up to Maine for a bit. It is nice to be back on the Ashford! I am spinning some llama! A little tough beginning but now it’s smooth and easy.

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Inching to the finish

I have perhaps 10 inches left to weave of the doubleweave blanket! I think it will be off the loom tomorrow!

Next? Just arriving today from Lunatic Fringe are two kits. One for 3/2 unmercerized cotton bath towels and the other for napkins. Which to do, which to do! That decision will be made this weekend.

And I have the Louet home for a bit. It is so much fun to ply on it! I am also spinning some very slippery stuff – bamboo, wool, and nylon – and it’s perfect for that.

So pictures to come of the blanket when it is off the loom and when I have determined my next project!