My journey into the world of weaving

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Selling my Norwood loom – Sold!

It is 45 inches wide, 4 shafts, 6 treadles, sectional beam. I have had it since 2010, just haven’t done that many projects on it, and now live in a smaller home. Please share!

Sells with: bench, 4 reeds, lease sticks, several ski shuttles.

Asking price: 800.00 – negotiable.

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Loom maintenance

I spent the morning doing some loom maintenance. I replace all the cords which attach the rods to the front and back beams. I am thinking it will help with the tension and the cords were just plain old. Some were fraying. It felt good to put new cord on, nice and fresh. And I feel I have bonded that much more with the Norwood!

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Good morning of weaving

By morning, about an hour’s worth of weaving. But smooth and happy weaving. Yes, I had to deal with a broken end but that’s old for me now.

What’s getting smoother on the Norwood is the releasing of tension to move it ahead. For awhile, it was almost like the whole back beam unwarping! Now I have more control. And tension overall is good.

I am twenty some inches away from finishing this first towel. Then the second and last. Two towels is a good first project! I am already imagining a blanket as the next project.

I am a happy weaver once more. I just wish I could spend more time but a whole hour this morning was a gift.

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Actual weaving has commenced!

This has felt like a long journey. I bought the Norwood on February 21 and just about a month later I began to warp and dress the loom.

There have been some bumps, but nothing at all serious, and I need to say that I like this loom! It is big! You may hear me say that again.

Beaming the warp was different. I am using the sectional warp pegs to divide the warp. This is in lieu of rolling paper. This worked nicely! Makes me think that actual sectional warping is something to consider in the future.

The shafts were next. Each shaft is divided into 3 sections. I wasn’t at all sure how to decide how many heddles to use in each section and that even changed after I threaded the heddles. Fortunately, it is easy to move the heddles between sections. The shafts seem very accessible!
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The warp is on – slow going

I am still sorting out the ends into the raddle. I did attach two metal tie on rods and I am pleased – this part seems familiar. What doesn’t seem familiar is the fact that the warp will be beamed going around the beam in front and then around, rather than in back and then coming around. So I am puzzling how to put in the paper. It seems backwards but I can understand why because of it being a sectional warp beam. I know once I figure it out, I’ll be fine.

I’m away this weekend but I am bringing up the Ashford Traditional (owned right now by Margaret Russell) for a look see by Melodi Hackett (Portland Fiber Gallery). I think it’s a good wheel but may need a good tweak by someone who knows wheels! I’m hoping this can be the wheel to keep me occupied whilst the Louet goes to my sister, the other owner. So we’ll see.