My journey into the world of weaving

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Endings and Beginnings

2012 is just about at an end! That means I move into my 6th year of weaving with the beginning of 2013. The napkins are finished but were not given as presents this year. I gave a lot of scarves. So they will become part of my “stash”.

Both looms are bare. But not for long. I am preparing for my next project, the vest, and absorbing all I can about front to back warping. I have decided to use the Tools loom mostly because it has the right size reed – 10 inch. But also seems just more manageable for this first effort.

My brother gave me this book:

Simple Weaves

for Christmas. There are a lot of 4 shaft patterns but there’s a bit of adjustment in figuring out fiber and reed needs. I am figuring it out and have selected a project to do.

On the spinning front, I have just ordered a sliding hook double drive flyer with bobbins for my Ashford! The bobbins hold 30% more fiber. So I will wait until that arrives for me to start spinning again.

It is always nice to have one’s work appreciated. One of my co-workers “begged” me for one of my dishtowels (I had given one away at the Yankee Swap and she didn’t get it!) So I gave it to her and she was seriously pleased! She also said her mother really liked it and would pay for something like that! I am not ready to go into the business but it’s nice to know that my work is liked!


More progress

I had a snow day yesterday and did a lot of weaving on the miniature twill. It’s looking fine – I’m more than half way through with this first scarf.

I am already planning to use the greens as weft in blocks for a different look on the second scarf.

And of course I am planning my next projects! I have the cotton rayon flax from the auction to use. I am thinking a set of placemats in a huck weave. I just have to figure out which colors!

The project after is going to be a rug! It’s an overshot pattern from Handwoven which I am adapting for a rug that I will actually keep and use for my upstairs hallway!

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There have been some readjustments….

The first was with the tie-up. The pattern I selected was from Davison, p.39 – a miniature twill! I chose the last tie-up from this series. It was not a smart choice when I soon realized that I could not tie up 3 shafts on 4 of the treadles. Just wouldn’t work. The truth was in the weaving.

So I went back to the pattern in the book. There were 4 other choices after all. Seems I had chosen the one which required the most shafts to be tied up! So readjusted to the second tie-up in the series. This went better immediately and felt more normal with two shafts not three being tied up!

I wove some picks of black and hem-stitched. So far so good.

Then I began using the crystal cove weft. Hmmmm. The truth is in the weaving –

cystal cove weft

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New crackle scarves begin

I have just begun to weave the scarves and have to make a decision already! The photo below will help explain. The first few rows show one pick of pattern weave and then two picks of tabby. Then I switch over to one pick of pattern weave and one pick of tabby. I think I like the one pick of tabby instead of the two. If anyone wants to weigh in, opinions welcome!



Second scarf is inches away from being done!

The second scarf is almost done – I’m down to my last bobbin!

I had an “oh oh” moment when I started the second scarf and was measuring the block of 5 repeats (as I did with the first scarf) so I could keep track. My heart did a fast pitter-patter when I realized that instead of the 10 inches which I expected, it was 8! In reviewing what I did with the first scarf, I think I see what I based that first measurement upon: it was 5 repeats plus the one block of plain weave that began the scarf! I then assumed that all the “blocks” would henceforth be 10 inches! Instead of 60 inches as a final finished length, I think I am looking at nearer to 50! I think both scarves will be about that length.

So I am adjusting to this new knowledge. The final truth will begin to unfold when I get the scarves off the loom and do the first measurement. Who knows, I may be surprised.

What does give me pleasure is that I can figure out the reason, that there is a reason. I’m not quite willing to call it an “error”. More a readjustment!

I think the scarves may be off the loom sometime today and I will update with measurements and pictures!