My journey into the world of weaving

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Weaving the 4th

That is, weaving the 4th bath towel has commenced. About 12 inches done. The selvedge did break – but after more than 24 inches! So I think I can claim successful troubleshooting.

I’m pondering the next project: the somewhat complex linen napkins or just whip up another handspun scarf! I do have some handspun stash that needs to be use.

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Blanket is finished

I did a wash with Orvus Paste as recommended. I did not treat with hair conditioner, even though that was recommended!

Final measurements has the blanket at 74 inches long and 54 inches wide. Of course, now that I looking at it, I do see a little error here and there. But nothing major so it still constitutes a miracle! I think my mom was hinting at me giving it to her and while she may yet end up with it, I didn’t want to give it away just yet. It’s on the back of our sofa.

I am preparing to do a set of bath towels next. I haven’t begun the warp yet but will soon!

Spinning with the Louet is a delight and smooth so I am enjoying that.

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Weekend fiber plans

A weekend at home! and a gorgeous one to boot! I will do all the required yard work but I do have fiber plans.

This afternoon, I am picking up the Ashford Traditional wheel from my friend – for the second time! I feel far more confident as a spinner, now that I have months on the Louet and a sprinkling on the Beauty. I am taking the wheel next weekend to Melodi at Portland Fiber Gallery for her to look at and make sure it is all together properly. It’s been years since it’s been used so this is a good thing to do.
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Weaving continues

I am away from my loom more than I want to be but I look forward to this weekend! I suspect the scarf will be done this weekend so now I am thinking of the next project. I have been wanting to do “cloth” so I can sew “clothing”! There’s a nice tunic in a May/June 2001 Handwoven issue I could follow…or…just make it up as I go along. Tempted to do that. I have some 3/2 pearl cotton, which actually might be happier as a jacket or something. Thinking….

I also want to buy some basic fibers for the coming year – build up my stash once more!

So I am thinking and puzzling. I’m also still spinning – working on some roving that I bought at the Commonground Fair.

I am away every other weekend for a bit so my reports will be a bit scarcer. But weaving is always in my thoughts!


Change in direction

The cones seemed to contain endless amounts of fiber and certainly looked like they could handle another set of placemats. But. I ran out of the “sherbert” color and while I toyed with adding another color to the warp, I really like the “sherbert” and “clay” together….so I ordered another cone of each. Plenty to finish the placemats and perhaps enough for a future project: curtains for our summer cottage. We just painted it with some really nice colors and now I envision huck lace curtains blowing in the breeze! While there are 4 windows in the room, I don’t have to make curtains for all. Just the street side windows and perhaps valences for the others. But that’s a project later.

While waiting for the yarn to arrive, I decided to use up some of my stash and I am doing a set of bookmarks! I haven’t decided pattern yet – something small and intricate.

This is what I love about weaving – planning projects and sometimes just going where whimsy takes me.

We are buying a Louet S10 double treadle this weekend – hurrah! My sister and I have accrued quite a bit in rental fees which all go toward the wheel. We are excited!