My journey into the world of weaving


Weaving begun on scarf

This is fun! I’ve had this “pumpkin juice” wool-silk for a year! It seems I haven’t dared or known what to weave with it. I knew I wanted a pattern that showed off the “pumpkin”.

I am pretty happy thus far with the results! I have woven 10 inches so far – it goes very quickly with only a width of 7 inches on the loom! I selected a canvas weave alternating with a modified tabby. I love it! I do love working with color and texture.

Pumpkin scarf

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New project on the loom!

I have almost finished dressing the loom for this next project of scarves. I have just to tie onto the front beam and figure out the tension.

I am using Zephyr wool-silk 4/8 for the warp and my “pumpkin juice” wool-silk plus some Peace Fleece.


I ended up not bringing the Dorothy to the Craft fair because of the Hannah humidity of the day. So I still have that loom. I’m playing around with some patterns and yarns on that. Kind of fun not to have to really think “product”.


“Weaving on two webs”

Is what a friend said after I showed her my weaving and then explained this virtual network of weaving. Pretty apt, I think.

It was a great visit. She came to drop off the corrugated cardboard I had purchased at a Guild meeting I had gone to (many many months ago). I was able to show her my loom, the project on it, and some of my completed pieces. In the middle of the visit, I got my delivery of new yarn so she could see my future projects!

She helped troubleshoot a “problem” I thought I had with my loom. It seemed the brake on the rear beam released too quickly and too much. She showed how releasing the tension on the front and then releasing the brake would be smoother which it was. Duh! Such a simple solution and so very sensible and logical.

She is newly retired so looks forward to her weaving, once a nasty wrist break totally heals. We will go to Guild meetings together in the Fall.
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