My journey into the world of weaving

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Warp is beamed – whew

I always forget how intense it is to beam the warp, watching over all of the ends and making sure none tangle or twist awfully.

It actually took me a bit to sort out in the raddles. At least in the beginning but then I got on a roll. Once all sorted, I began to beam the warp. It took a bit of time. I had my husband help at just the end. I wanted to beam about 6 more inches than I usually do and so I did with his help. But even that was intense!

The warp is beamed here (taken from the front of the loom):
beamed warp

I will thread the heddles tomorrow, maybe even sley the reed!


Sewing machine home and another thought or two

I got it back today. I know it received tender loving care. I didn’t meet the sewing machine repair guy but he’s been doing this for awhile. He can do about 12 machines or so in one day, if they are simple jobs. Which mine was.

I’m looking forward to sewing now! Kind of wish I could this weekend but I am away until Sunday. It can wait. I can be patient.

Martha’s comment the other day made me think and ask a question or two about the raddle being in place during the whole of the weaving. My teacher said it was fine but that we had kept the raddle on during lessons so that during transport, the ends weren’t disturbed. Then it came off just at the end when the apron bar approached the beam.

Which is how I have done it since! I never asked if that should come off. Of course, now I see that more folks probably do take it off after beaming. Keeping it on could disturb the tension.

Now tension is one area that I really haven’t had a problem with! I’ve had lots of other types of problems but have been rather satisfied with attaining the right tension for my weaving.

But I think I should try with the raddle off. I may need to do so someday and I just as soon try now than later. So with my next piece, I will beam the warp, thread, and sley, and then remove the raddle!

(And, Martha, if you are seeing this, don’t feel like you forced my hand; I like to think that I am continuously learning and stretching so this is good.)

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Ah, what a snowy day brings

What it brings is a solid chunk of time to getting the facecloths going!

Before I even brought the yarn over to the loom, I counted out the heddles. And realized I needed a few extra on both shaft 2 and 3! I have enough on all 4 shafts so all I had to do was move some. My first step was to finally inventory how many I had and on what shafts. No, I had never done this before. There’s always a good first time, right? I have 492 heddles! Shaft 4 had most of the extras so I moved the heddles from that shaft to numbers 2 and 3. It was a much easier task than I thought!

Then I brought over the yarn to the loom, arranged it in the raddle. That’s when I realized that my extra end was in the wrong place! I’ve never had an extra single end before but for this project I do. There is a total of 387 ends – 2 are selvedges and the other is a single. I was pretty pleased I figured out how to incorporate a single end. I just had it on the wrong side. It was fairly easy to move over to the edge.

The lease sticks went in with no problem! I don’t think I’ll ever have quite that problem again. Ends were arranged in the raddle. Set to go with beaming which is what I am doing now. About halfway done.

lease sticks

I’m glad for the snowy day because I could concentrate totally on what I was doing. It is a nice feeling.

I did finish beaming. I figure I’ve been at my loom for about 5-6 hours doing all of this! But it’s a great jump start for the face cloths!


New scarves begun

Very busy today! I prepared the warp (5/2 black pearl cotton) and have beamed it. I used a new tip from Leigh by placing two lengths of wood across the loom so that the apron rod rested on it. I was able to sort the ends into the raddle with no tension which I liked. Then I beamed the warp and suffered one “oh drat” moment when in snipping the choke tie off, I snipped two ends as well! The good news is it’s near the end so I think I can salvage it – just have to keep an eye for the small knots. It may even work into the fringe – I am very hopeful!
Next: threading the heddles and sleying the reed.
I am fringing the bathmats and weaving in some loose ends in preparation for washing and drying. Two done, two to go.
I didn’t feel guilty at all weaving all day – it was rainy and chilly.