My journey into the world of weaving

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“Napkins” off the loom

The “napkins” are finally off the loom (I began them in July!) I say “napkins” because I think they are really dish towels! I have washed all seven together and have cut them apart. Next I need to hem each and add my little label. I’ll be giving these as presents for sure. When they are all hemmed, I’ll take and post a picture, probably next weekend.

I am beginning to dress the Tools of the Trade with some handspun warp. I am thinking I’ll get two scarves out of this warp; the weft being more handspun. Most likely a plain weave.

And I finished spinning the Ashford wool roving. I had about a dozen different colors, about 4 oz in all. I mixed and meshed the colors. It spun really tight except for the last bunch which I really tried to spin loosely. Still tight. Not sure how it will weave.

A great way to end Thanksgiving.

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Such a fiberous weekend!

Whew! The weekend of fiber began with my sister arriving on Friday. We immediately dove into all of our fiber stashes, brought out the wheels, and did some spinning. The wheels are the Louet we purchased together and then what was then her mystery wheel which had been given to her in pieces. More on that later!
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Fiber updates

The placemats are off the loom. They are measured – most are 24 by 13.25. There is one that is a couple of inches longer – I must have been distracted and lost count! I had 19 inches of loom waste in the front and 16 in the back. I cut them apart and need to zig zag the edges before popping them into the washing machine. Then I hem and they will be done.

Next, another set of placemats. Third time is the charm, right? These are in the blues. I did have a lot of this fiber but I am enjoying it. I think I have enough for another set but I will take a break from placemats after these and work on my rug.

I got my rug warp so I will begin preparing the warp soon. I am still considering pattern and fiber for the weft.

Finally, I did some spinning today. I am getting adjusted to the Kiwi. I spun some of the colored merino roving.


The 5th is begun!

The weaving seems very easy. I like throwing the shuttle! and getting a rhythm going.


It’s getting close to deciding my next project so I can have a warp ready to go on the loom when this when comes off. More placemats? with a different pattern? Still huck? My rug warp still hasn’t arrived – this week I think.

But what did arrive yesterday was this roving I ordered thru Etsy!


Won’t this be fun to spin! Maybe it will bring spring on sooner!