My journey into the world of weaving

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Re-sleying was the result of my musing. I think I have learned a valuable lesson in careful thoughtful sleying. For some reason, I am not sure, I had sleyed 2-2-2 in my 12 reed. This made the weaving width too narrow. Consequently, as I wove, those floats were too long and too floaty. Wet finishing helped a little but the floats were still too floppy for my taste.

Looking back at my project sheet, I had very clearly set the sett at 20. Why I sleyed 2 to a dent, again, I am not sure. Maybe I didn’t think it would make a huge difference.

But it certainly did. I will start weaving this afternoon but already I am sure the draw-in will be what I had planned – about 2 inches. Then an inch of shrinkage. I will end up with the final width I had originally planned for – around 15 inches. Not the 12 3/4 of my sample.

There! I’ve said it! Sample! I think I am new believer in sampling. Yes, yes, I heard it from all of you. But impatient and cocky soul I am, I didn’t think I really had to do it. But lesson learned. Without taking this piece off and finishing it, I would not have mused on why the width was what it was and why the floats were so floaty!

So with renewed vigor and enthusiasm I will begin my dish cloth series!

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2nd bathmat very near to completion

I will finish number 2 off tomorrow and begin number 3. I think I made them a little longer so number 3 may be very short indeed!
I also have yarn left over. That’s ok as I like the King Tut and the colors.
The Dorothy loom is almost ready to weave on. I think I ‘ll do a little sample warp and really try out some different patterns.
I will also begin to warp the next project, the scarves. So I have plenty to do. I like the variety of “tasks” too!
I just wish I had more time to really devote to this, like I did during vacation! And with summer, there’s always the guilt of not getting the yard stuff done!