My journey into the world of weaving

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A Weekend of Weaving

My favorite kind!

I pulled out the sewing machine and I finally finished the last two facecloths – they are hemmed. Then I changed thread and sewed the edges of the placemats. They got washed and dried today. losing a couple of inches in length and about 1 inch in width. I have cut them apart and trimmed the edges. They are ready to be hemmed and finished! That should happen tomorrow.

I also warped two more bouts of the new project; one more to go. I’ve made another change in plans with this project. The placemats from the first are actually better table runners! So with this new project, it will be placemats all the way. I think I can get at least 6 out of the warp.

My husband taught me how to use his CAD program and now I can do a computer draft of the pattern! I’m doing that right now to get a sense of the pattern I have chosen. It’s looking good!

To finish up the day, I did a little loom maintenance: tightened up the bolts and dusted it. I vacummed all around. So it’s all ready to be dressed! I should be able to beam the warp tomorrow.


Sewing machine home and another thought or two

I got it back today. I know it received tender loving care. I didn’t meet the sewing machine repair guy but he’s been doing this for awhile. He can do about 12 machines or so in one day, if they are simple jobs. Which mine was.

I’m looking forward to sewing now! Kind of wish I could this weekend but I am away until Sunday. It can wait. I can be patient.

Martha’s comment the other day made me think and ask a question or two about the raddle being in place during the whole of the weaving. My teacher said it was fine but that we had kept the raddle on during lessons so that during transport, the ends weren’t disturbed. Then it came off just at the end when the apron bar approached the beam.

Which is how I have done it since! I never asked if that should come off. Of course, now I see that more folks probably do take it off after beaming. Keeping it on could disturb the tension.

Now tension is one area that I really haven’t had a problem with! I’ve had lots of other types of problems but have been rather satisfied with attaining the right tension for my weaving.

But I think I should try with the raddle off. I may need to do so someday and I just as soon try now than later. So with my next piece, I will beam the warp, thread, and sley, and then remove the raddle!

(And, Martha, if you are seeing this, don’t feel like you forced my hand; I like to think that I am continuously learning and stretching so this is good.)

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Finishings and beginnings

I am nearing the end of weaving the face cloths. I estimate I can get perhaps two more. I have no idea how many I have woven as yet! Many.

The weaving has been smooth. My selvedges look good and not tense at all. Take up has been about an inch I think. No broken ends! I’ll be able to finish this long weekend and take off the loom.

My sewing machine goes in for service this weekend and I’ll have it back just in time to sew all the hems. Then wash and the truth will out about how waffly these face cloths are!

I have begun warping the next project. 471 ends; 4 yards. I had a bit of a bumpy beginning but now all is figured out and smooth. I’ll have this warp ready to go by the time the current project is off the loom! This next project is a set of placemats and table runner, with advancing twill.

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My sewing machine

Something which has been with me for a very long time and very underused. I have made curtains on it, hemmed a few things, and maybe another project or two. But that’s it.

So now with the face cloths, I need to use the machine again! I want all to go well so I am going to have it serviced before I start using it on the face cloths. Fortunately, there is someone very local who can do that. I wish I had thought of this earlier. But at least I can start sewing again with confidence.

I am kind of excited about sewing my cloth!