My journey into the world of weaving

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Second cloth off of the loom

This second cloth is off the loom. I need to baste the ends and then wet finish it. Then it should be ready for sewing.

I am preparing a warp for a third piece of cloth. I am having a small challenge putting some colors together. I have 6 more bunches of 10 to warp and I am trying to figure out what color or colors. A light and dark green are the emphasis of this warp. There are 5 bunches of a mixed green and burgandy yarn. It’s kind of like painting, trying to figure out the composition. Ultimately I know I can’t go wrong – it’ll be what it is.

Spinning away still. Spinning a Leicester fiber and it does spin up very nicely.

I should be able to begin to dress the loom this weekend.


Off the loom

I finished weaving this afternoon and took it off the loom.

The table runner is 32 inches. Two placemats are each about 27 inches long with the third being only 18.5 inches. The width is 14.5. I had about 34 inches in all for loom waste. So I used the full warp; it just didn’t give me what the pattern promised! The pattern never gave the measurements for on the loom; only the measurements after shrinkage and take up. I had to figure it backwards so I think I figured wrong.

Here’s what the short one looks like:
Short placemat

Next is to sew each end, wash, and dry. Then measure again to see what the true shrinkage is! Take up seems to only have been about 6 inches.

So it’s an odd matching set. I am planning the next set and even though it will be a different advancing twill, I can mix and match!


Dressing and hemming

Today, I have begun to dress the loom with the ink blue warp for the placemats. I have gone slowly and thoughtfully. I am just at the point of straightening the ends in the raddle, then I can beam the warp.
Place mats

I have also hemmed and cut the wash cloths apart! They are in the washing machine as I type! It’s out of my hands now: how much will they shrink? will they totally unravel? I’ll know in less than an hour.

I am so pleased! They shrank a little, the waffle weave popped out just the right amount, and they feel soft to the touch! My husband immediately wiped his forehead with one! (Don’t worry, I’ll wash them again!) Here they are, ready for the final hemming:
Face cloths

Pictures to come on the progress of these two projects but Leigh’s question asking me if I had hemmed or not got me going! Enough procrastination! I did read her posting on “Hemming Handwoven Fabrics” before I sat before my sewing machine. It was immensely helpful and I was able to think clearly about my steps. It’s been so long since I’ve sewed anything! It was a little rocky to begin with but then I found my groove.