My journey into the world of weaving

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Placemats are threaded and sleyed!

It’s been so long since I have sat down to focus on my weaving! Today, I threaded the heddles and then sleyed the reed. Of course, not without error. In fact two errors. I finished threading and had two too many heddles! so back I went to check on my work. Never fails, the error was found just at the half way mark. I’ve made errors there before. Something about transitioning to the other half or something. You would think I would know this now and CHECK my work! all is well now. And I have also sleyed the reed. Plus the treadles have been tied to the right shafts. Oh this was another thing! For the first time I noticed that SEVEN shafts were being used; I have six. Upon further examination, it all has to do with pattern. There are three different patterns: huck, huck lace, and huck boxes. So when I want to do the last, I just have to tie up the sixth treadle a little differently.

All is ready to begin weaving! I’ve got several bobbins all ready to go. But enough for the day. I want to do some spinning now – something else I haven’t done for a bit!

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Beginning to weave

It’s actually pre-beginning. I have finished sleying and I tied up the shafts. Now I am fussing with the sheds. The shuttle seems to be getting caught up in the lower ends. In studying the problem, I can tie up the shafts so they open wider for the sheds but when I do that, the bottom layer rises and it’s hard to throw the shuttle! So I am looking at the raddle which in my Tools loom I always keep on for weaving. Maybe I won’t because it does raise the whole warp by almost an inch. This is a dilemma I’ll save for tomorrow morning when I am thinking more clearly.