My journey into the world of weaving

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Weaving began but not without problems!

I fixed the threading errors and began to weave the napkins, using a twill pattern and alternating the colors so there is a plaid effect.

An end broke. This isn’t a selvedge end but one well one third of the way into the warp on the right. I fixed and contintued to weave. Again it broke. This it did half a dozen times and then the end next to it broke!

I was more than puzzled. I was frustrated. Was it the fiber? No I am pretty sure it’s not. And I couldn’t apply the same troubleshooting I had to the frequently breaking selvedge end of the previous project. But I could research this on the internet! I can’t have been the only one with this bothersome problem!

Sure enough, I found help here under “Sticky Sheds and Broken Threads”. I first tried advancing the warp frequently but that actually resulted in more frequent breaks! So what I did was make my sheds smaller by fussing with the treadle ties. And I am still advancing frequently. No breaks!

Here is my work thus far:


The fibers look brownish but the kit has assured me that they will turn a couple of shades of green! And these are huge napkins! I almost think they will morph into dish towels, but we’ll see what we have once off the loom.

So frustration has turned into pleasure.

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Threading error?

I am well into my first placemat. The p.p.i. fell a little short but I am happy with the weaving.

That is until I began to really study the pattern, which is another advancing twill. I think I have a threading error. It’s in the middle of the pattern. At first, I thought it was part of the pattern but it’s a slightly off-center kind of an effect. It’s an additional small diamond just to the right of the center. I think this shot shows it (the color is way off – I was trying for a close up!):
threading error?
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First placemat again

I have begun the first placemat again! I have taken all advice to heart.

This is what I am doing. I am beating hard, with the shed closed, taking Peg’s advice.

The weaving is definitely tighter but not incredibly significantly. I will definitely only be weaving 5 repeats and not 6 but I can live with that.

Here’s what it looks like:

first placemat

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Scarf – update

I have woven about 18 inches on scarf number one. I am near to doing the mend on the two broken ends – probably tonight!
I am enjoying this weaving – the pattern is simple, the selvedges are fairly smooth, tension is good, the sheds are nice and open. Errors are immediately visible so immediately corrected!
Off to the NH Guild today!
I am back from the Guild. I am always overwhelmed by so much weaving talk! In the am, Sara Fortin moderated a discussion of setting up projects, what inspires what, how to use certain yarns, even types of weaving. I showed my skein of “pumpkin juice” and I asked about waffle weave. Everyone is so helpful! and welcoming.
At lunch, I went to the Library and immediately got overwhelmed by so many books on weaving! But I did put a hold on a book – Thick and Thin.
After lunch, we heard Micala Sidore talk about tapestry, today and yesterday and how the two are definitely linked. Lots of pictures and very engaging and organized.
So many new terms: deflected double weave, supplementary weft, cannelle, and more. I got lots of ideas, lots of inspiration.


And done!

I feel pleased with myself that I finished number 2. Finished that is on the loom. I hemstitched and then wove the filler for the third bathmat which will be the mauve color.
The weaving is going well. I am very curious to see if beating tighter will affect the waffle weave.
There is a ever so slight difference in tension on the left side. The effect is that I notice it only in a certain light! It’s not getting worse so I am not going to do anything about it but I am monitoring it.
So far, no glaring errors! The treadling is easy for these bathmats and I am really happy with my sheds.
So on to #3!