My journey into the world of weaving

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Threading error?

I am well into my first placemat. The p.p.i. fell a little short but I am happy with the weaving.

That is until I began to really study the pattern, which is another advancing twill. I think I have a threading error. It’s in the middle of the pattern. At first, I thought it was part of the pattern but it’s a slightly off-center kind of an effect. It’s an additional small diamond just to the right of the center. I think this shot shows it (the color is way off – I was trying for a close up!):
threading error?
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Threading complete – whew!

471 ends threaded in 5 repeats of the threading pattern for advancing twill! I did a lot of counting and recounting and checking and rechecking. And at the end, I discovered I had some extra ends! 10 extra ends to be specific. Those will just hang off the back until the project is complete. I’m glad it was too many rather than too few! Another adjustment, nonetheless.

Here’s the threading complete:

I also took a picture of the colors of the placemats:

Next will be sleying the reed!

And, lastly, a picture of my new shuttle which my brother gave me for my birthday:

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Playing with the pinks!

Or what you do when you are a wee bit worried you might run out of one color! The 4th bathmat is mostly mauve but in ordering the yarn, I got the wrong color – it is pink! So I may not have enough of the mauve for the full bathmat.
So. I am doing a little pink-mauve-pink pattern in the middle of the bathmat AND I am using TWO shuttles! I have no idea if I am doing this right or even what I am doing but it’s fun to play and experiment with this particular bathmat. I think it’s looking good.
I am pretty sure I’ll have enough mauve to finish it up. It’s kind of exciting actually to create something that probably no one else has or no one else would even dream of creating!
More than half way done. I’ll be finishing this weekend and I’ll have the new yarn to warp!

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Weekend of weaving

I am well into the weaving of the table runner.
I love working with the different colors. I began rather rigidly – each stripe an inch or so wide but then I just let loose at times. Some stripes are wider, some narrower.
I am following the color pattern: browns to reds to reds to brown.
The pattern is an undulating twill.
I had some readjustments this weekend: some weaving, wrong colors, and selvedge.
But nothing huge. And I learned a lot. I’m learning about throwing the shuttle, beating, rhythm, and weaving.
I am also learning how to change colors with the least impact on design and pattern.
And again, I note when I am tired it does affect my weaving.