My journey into the world of weaving

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Weaving continues…..

Just not at a great rate! I finished the third napkin today and began the fourth. So that project is progressing. Wouldn’t it be nice if I finished before the end of August!

Spinning away. I have quite a stash of handspun so I think my next project has got to be something with that. I would like to spin some material to make into a tunic and wonder if I have enough? That’s a project in of itself to figure out!

I did go to the Fiber Revival last weekend and purchased some more fiber. Some alpaca/wool mix from ParkerRiver Alpacas and a skein from Enchanted Knoll.

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Completed projects

Before I leave on vacation I wanted to record two completed projects.

The first is the second handspun scarf I have woven. It is wool alpaca, 2/2 twill. Almost 59 inches in length; 7 inches wide.

handspun scarf

The second is my first handspun skein of alpaca! 5 ounces, 560 yards. I think I have about 9 more ounces to spin!


Off on vacation. When I return, I want to get the Norwood ready for weaving and put on a handspun warp on the Tools. And of course spin!

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Working on the third facecloth

I am enjoying this weaving. The pattern is simple and the colors keep it interesting. I’m hoping the dimensions of 13.5 by 19 will work into a good cloth. That is taking into consideration the hemmed ends as well.

I spun up another skein so now I have about 550 yards of the dyed with the gray. Looks nice! I’m not sure what I will weave.

And in the back of my mind I continue to mull over making a piece of clothing for myself – a top.

Next weekend is Commonground Fair!

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Finally fully finished!

The sherbert/clay placemat set is finally done! Hemmed, labelled, and ironed! The lengths ranged from 17.5 to 19 inches with 3 measuring 17.5! So fairly consistent. All have a width of 12.5.


I have begun another set of placemats in the blues fibers. I think I may be done with placemats for a bit after this! but I have and do enjoy the pattern and fiber.


And I am still spinning. I am spinning the gray merino alpaca and the merino dyed together. This was my first skein:


I am collecting quite a lot of these smallish skeins! I need to buy some warp to weave them with!