My journey into the world of weaving

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Always productive onĀ  a day off! I sorted out my spinning on my two wheels. Both are doing well – now. I had to oil them and tweak them but all is fine now.

Weaving the tencel is going well – Wall of Troy pattern. If you look at it too long, you can imagine all sorts of errors. I don’t think there are any and if there are, they are part of the pattern now!



Placemats 2 and 3

I finished #2 and am well into #3. The weaving is easy – one shuttle, a pattern which makes sense to me so consequently I don’t lose my place, and nice colors. I am already planning another set with different colors.

I am still planning my rug as well and decided to order a rug warp fiber for it which I did.

I have spun a bobbin full of the colored fiber and will do another. Then ply the two together. I am getting more consistent and am getting the feel of this. Fingers and foot almost operate independently of thought. It’s really not a thinking skill.

I am going to look at a friend’s traditional Ashford tomorrow and see how that feels. If it feels right, it could be mine!