My journey into the world of weaving

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Decision made, weaving continues

In addition to what I had already tried, I tried weaving a double pick of tabby and then the pattern tabby. The purple really stood out and I’m not sure I wanted that. I liked the subtlety. So I have ended up weaving what I wove before: two picks tabby, one pattern, etc. I wove about 15 inches yesterday and I like it. So onward!


Weaving begun on scarf

This is fun! I’ve had this “pumpkin juice” wool-silk for a year! It seems I haven’t dared or known what to weave with it. I knew I wanted a pattern that showed off the “pumpkin”.

I am pretty happy thus far with the results! I have woven 10 inches so far – it goes very quickly with only a width of 7 inches on the loom! I selected a canvas weave alternating with a modified tabby. I love it! I do love working with color and texture.

Pumpkin scarf