My journey into the world of weaving

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Second Towel done!

Yay! It was good to weave this morning. And I didn’t even wait for a rainy morning. It was good that it went mostly smoothly. The only mishap was when I began my plain weave and the first treadle came loose! Just had to pound the metal rod through again. I will look at this when the project is off the loom. So now to begin number three.

I’m looking forward to my July vacation. Not going anywhere but plan on doing weaving and painting!

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Actual weaving has commenced!

This has felt like a long journey. I bought the Norwood on February 21 and just about a month later I began to warp and dress the loom.

There have been some bumps, but nothing at all serious, and I need to say that I like this loom! It is big! You may hear me say that again.

Beaming the warp was different. I am using the sectional warp pegs to divide the warp. This is in lieu of rolling paper. This worked nicely! Makes me think that actual sectional warping is something to consider in the future.

The shafts were next. Each shaft is divided into 3 sections. I wasn’t at all sure how to decide how many heddles to use in each section and that even changed after I threaded the heddles. Fortunately, it is easy to move the heddles between sections. The shafts seem very accessible!
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Weaving progress

I am halfway done with the blue bathmat.
I wove quite a bit yesterday. Then, today, as I looked at yesterday’s work, I saw some sort of error. So I unwove two inches and began again. Shortly after, another error! I think I had spaced out because my treadling was totally off. Fixed that and continued.
I am pleased with my sheds – nice and wide. I am even pleased with my selvedges!
As I left this morning’s weaving, I glanced at the underside and there was an escaped error! Too far back to unweave for sure. I think I can do something with a little yarn after it is off the loom or even see if the fulling takes care of that.
So while this time I am having no problem with sheds or selvedges, my treadling can go off kilter in the flick of a shuttle!
I am trying to look at work just done to make sure there are no errors.

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Beaming the warp

Not my favorite part. I grit my teeth a lot! And no matter what I do, the paper does get a little askew. But not badly.
The ends look straight and neat – no cross overs or twists. So all I can hope for is that the tension is good. I certainly took my time with this – maybe almost two hours?
I tied up the treadles tonight but don’t quite feel up to threading the heddles!
A nod to Leigh for sending a lot of folks over here! Thanks for coming by and checking my zig zags out!
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