My journey into the world of weaving

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New project underway: napkins

I bought the “magical napkin kit” from Lunatic Fringe Yarns. The fiber is unmercerized cotton in natural colors of white, dark green, and light green. The colors are supposed to get darker once washed.
Here are color cones:


There will be 6 napkins, woven in twill or plain weave. Experimentation is encouraged!

I have just about finished warping the 565 ends – one more bout. Then it all goes on the loom. I thought I was going to use my Tools – the project is only 20 inches in the reed but I don’t have enough heddles! So I use the Norwood.

I hope to get it sorted in the raddle by the end of today!

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A snow day! a weaving day!

It is finally snowing here in N.H.! I decided to stay home and weave!

As I related in my last post, I am using the same handspun as the last scarf for the warp. I am using another handspun for the weft! I think it is a corriedale. I am weaving a 2/2 twill. So it is a simple weave and it is smooth going. I was worried about one end as I approached it – wasn’t sure it would remain intact but it did!

handspun #2

I imagine I will get a lot of weaving done today. And probably some more spinning. And did I mention that I am thinking of another loom? A 45 inch wide loom?


Scarves off the loom!

I am very happy with these scarves! Each measures 5.5 in width and one is 65 inches long; the other is 64.5! They are the first scarves that I have used my own handspun!


The gradations of color add a whimsical feel to the scarves, I think. You don’t know what the next range will be!

scarf gradations

The original “name” of the dyed roving I purchased was “wildflowers”. I think these scarves capture a little of the wildness!

The scarves also show my progress in spinning. I started with the earlier handspun which was definitely novelty in nature; the last skein showed my improved consistency in spinning. Not that it isn’t still novelty! Just a more refined novelty yarn!

I need to fringe, wet finish, dry, and snip odd ends and the scarves will be done!

I will finish spinning a skein today and do a little more of the next warp!

And tomorrow is a holiday! A walk to view the flags in the cemetary is in order.

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First scarf almost done

I have about 5 more inches to go, then hemstitch, and begin the second after blocking out about 12 inches for fringe for both!

I like weaving with my handspun. I guess they call it “novelty” because of all the slubs and different thicknesses. Actually as I weave the homespun, I am seeing more consistency in the yarn for longer amounts of time!

Off to Maine this weekend so I won’t be weaving or spinning much!



I’m not sure “rebegun” is a word but that’s what I have done!

I am weaving two scarves: 6 inches wide and about 60 inches long. For warp, I am using Jo Sharp Silkwood Aran Tweed, “licorice” color. For weft, MY homespun which is a mix of merino wool and alpaca. Threading was simple: 1-2-3-4. The pattern is a 2/2 twill.

I wove a few repeats of the pattern and saw this:


As Peg says in her post, photos do not lie and blogging one’s work keeps one honest. Truly. If it was between me and the scarf, I might not have rethreaded. Another reason was one my husband posed. He creates arches out of cement blocks. To make those blocks, he has to design patterns and cut into wood. When he makes a mistake, he has to toss the wood and begin again. At least, he says, I don’t have to throw away everything!
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