My journey into the world of weaving

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Ends are taken care of!

I unwarped the loom, replaced each “bad” end with a “good”, retied, rebeamed, and have begun weaving again. I am very pleased. Tension is definitely more even and the weaving will be straightforward – a plain weave. The warp is multiple skeins of my handwoven; the weft is some gray handspun llama. It’s looking good! One selvedge is a little rough because of the fiber I used but I’m keeping it. So a weaving I will go!

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More on those ends…

I have never done this before but I am going to unwind the warp and attach the new ends to back beam rod, then beam again. I had only woven an inch and the likelyhood of controlling 20 plus loose ends in cans was daunting. So that is what I am going to do to save this warp from being a disaster which I don’t want it to be. I have a couple of days now to really get this in shape. More later!

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The joy of doubleweave

I wove almost 10 inches today – it is tiring work! Weave an inch, remove the temple, check to make sure there are still two layers, advance the warp if needed, set the temple, weave an inch.

Not without some setbacks. The most serious thus far after the original mis-tie up, is I noted a glob of yarn on the underside several picks back. Worth unweaving? You bet. I did so and straightened out the glob and continued to weave.

But I am so excited this is working! Well, it should. I was fastidious in my set up and preparation.

Here’s almost 10 inches:

Almost 10 inches

Of course I gave a couple of hours to the second annual Winter Fuzz Fest in Exeter! I saw many friends and had many inspiring and useful converstations about weaving doubleweave, spinning, making garments, and seeing a demo of a very old wheel. The owner wove standing up! She said she preferred it to sitting. Instead of the feet treadling the wheel, you do so by hand! I did buy two balls of roving from Riverslea Farm. I haven’t even spun last year’s! but resistance is futile.


A fresh start

I cut the warp off the loom! I cut it because it was not a thing of beauty, it was not weaving smoothly (wrong reed and wrong yarns), and it had no real focus. It was in essence giving me no pleasure and it has made me drag myself to the loom for the last few weeks and make a half-hearted attempt to make a go of it.

So I cut it off! I can save the ends for something, I am sure, so all is not lost.
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