My journey into the world of weaving

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Face cloths begin!

This project has evolved through a few stages. The idea came out of the latest Handwoven (S/O 2009, p. 34). There were a bunch of patterns to use up stash which I thought was a good idea. Dishtowels seemed to be a doable project; I like waffle weave!

However, I ran out of stash, unbelievably. So the dishtowels became face cloths! I had run out of stash even for the weft so I ended up buying something new for that.
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Waffle weave commences

I have begun the first facecloth. I wove two picks of a thick yarn to hold that edge together. Then I wove an inch and a half with the 20/2 in waffle weave. The pattern calls for this as a plain weave would scrunch up too much. I have woven 5 inches in the 10/2. I can see the waffle – very tiny teeny waffle!

waffle weave

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Whatever they are! They are washed, dried, and trimmed.

One piece is almost 30 inches in length; the other is almost 43. They are each 7 inches in width with a fringe of 3 inches on all ends.

Short piece:
Short piece

Long piece:
Long piece

I thought I had seen an error … but, oh well, don’t see it now! I am pretty pleased with them on the whole.

I have transferred the Handwoven project into my own record sheet. This next project is facecloths with a waffle weave. I am definitely looking forward to this one!


Another broken end….

But I expected it to happen as I espied the knot this time. I thought I would weave past it, but it snapped one inch away. So I didn’t have to have the mending end going that long.

I divided this stretch into two pieces. This second one is shorter but it doesn’t matter as I am not really making anything. I will most likely finish soon. It’ll be interesting to see what I have made!

Weaving has been smooth and consistent. Selvedges look nice and straight and even.

I ordered some new fiber for new projects! One is weaving face cloths with a waffle weave. Yes, I am still fascinated with that weave. The fiber is a 10/2 cotton. The other is another set of placemats. Both projects were in Handwoven.

I also have some fiber that I want to use for another sampling project in summer and winter.

So with projects and challenges ahead, I am a happy and contented weaver!

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Bathmats fulled and finished!pictures posted!

I will post pictures later of the 4 bathmats but how exciting it was to finish them last night. I had fringed, washed, and dried them. Then I measured them. They were the SAME measurements! They each measure 19 inches in width and 34 inches in length. I thought they were going to lose more in length but they didn’t.
And the waffle weave looks good.
I haven’t compared to the first group as yet but will, just to see if they are more waffle pronounced.
I don’t think I need to do more bathmats but I am not done with the waffle weave. My next project with that will use a finer yarn, not sure what, and I’m not sure what to weave. Handtowels?
Meanwhile, I am also done with threading the heddles for the scarves. I ended up doing a mend with the two broken ends instead of seeing if the knots would pass through.
I am going to try to capture this process visually so pictures to come.