My journey into the world of weaving

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Work in progress

By work, I mean the wall hangings. I promised pictures, but really, there isn’t much to see yet. As I weave, I wonder what the virtue is in seeing a project to the end, no matter what?

I began with something fairly clear and concrete in mind but it has taken on a life of its own. I seem to be at the mercy of the yarn.
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Some readjustment

I’ve been away most of the weekend but this afternoon I sleyed the 10 dent reed. The yarn is very thick; the sett is 6. Even sleying every other dent was not effective. For my floor loom, the 10 dent is the largest dent reed I have.

So I remembered that one of the reeds I have for the table loom is 8 dent! And it does fit the floor loom. However, not quite wide enough. I have ended up not sleying 4 ends in all.

There is still friction but at least I can move the beater back and forth!

I need to do tie up and then figure out the treadling sequence. I think this piece will be rather creative which is a nice way of saying I’m not sure what I am doing. Once I get weaving I promise pictures.

Now I feel comfortable enough to start planning the next project. I would like to use some handspun!

No spinning wheel yet. Hopefully in the next week or two.

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Wall hangings

The warp is beamed and threaded. I am sleying right now and realizing that this is really thick yarn! It is rug wool. So there will be friction. Fortunately, the warp isn’t all that long.

I probably won’t get really started on this until the end of this weekend. I’m off again for a family celebration of the folks’ birthdays!


Placemats are completed!

Today, I hemmed and ironed the placemats. Also snipped little loose ends off.

I have almost a matching set of 7! They are all about 18 inches in length and 12.75 inches in width.


There is one placemat which is 14.5 in length. That can be a mini table runner!

This is the last set for the year I am fairly certain. And definitely with this fiber although I had no problem with the dark color so I could do something with that for a warp. But the lint!

Next project needs to be threaded and sleyed. I think it will be a set of wall hangings!

On a side note, I was at a gathering of folks yesterday in celebration of my father’s 90th. I had planned to bring my rental spinning wheel to return to Melodi who was going to be at the party. We brought out the wheel and some fiber. Both my sister and I spun a little. What I was amazed about was that once I got spinning, I totally tuned out the crowd! I wasn’t nervous but just really into sharing this experience. And people were interested! One little boy said he wanted to spin! cool, very cool.