My journey into the world of weaving

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8 Yards are beamed!

I just finished beaming the 8 yards of unmercerized cotton for the bath towels. I did most of it by myself with husband lending two valuable and large hands for the end. I was fussy and spent a lot of time back and forth, shaking bouts and pulling tight and tapping ends back into place in the sectional beam. But what a lovely warp! and all ready to be threaded tomorrow!

In the meantime, I am considering getting all the equipment needed for sectional warping. Why not? I have the sectional warp beam. I think I have read that it takes no more time than regular beaming and might give more consistent tension. OK, maybe I’m making that up but it’s got to be easier than what I did this afternoon! So I will price out equipment and see what happens.

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Weekend fiber plans

A weekend at home! and a gorgeous one to boot! I will do all the required yard work but I do have fiber plans.

This afternoon, I am picking up the Ashford Traditional wheel from my friend – for the second time! I feel far more confident as a spinner, now that I have months on the Louet and a sprinkling on the Beauty. I am taking the wheel next weekend to Melodi at Portland Fiber Gallery for her to look at and make sure it is all together properly. It’s been years since it’s been used so this is a good thing to do.
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Fiber updates

The placemats are off the loom. They are measured – most are 24 by 13.25. There is one that is a couple of inches longer – I must have been distracted and lost count! I had 19 inches of loom waste in the front and 16 in the back. I cut them apart and need to zig zag the edges before popping them into the washing machine. Then I hem and they will be done.

Next, another set of placemats. Third time is the charm, right? These are in the blues. I did have a lot of this fiber but I am enjoying it. I think I have enough for another set but I will take a break from placemats after these and work on my rug.

I got my rug warp so I will begin preparing the warp soon. I am still considering pattern and fiber for the weft.

Finally, I did some spinning today. I am getting adjusted to the Kiwi. I spun some of the colored merino roving.

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Spinning progress

I took advantage of a snowy day to stay home to do some weaving, warping, and spinning! I did all!

I have definitely improved in spinning. Not great but not bad. At least now the wheel goes where I want it to. I had some tension problems which I sorted out – glad I can troubleshoot like that. I spun the gray, about half of it. A significant improvement over Saturday when at the end of the day I barely had enough to ply.

So I feel encouraged.