My journey into the world of weaving

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Competed napkins/towels and new project!

The napkins or towels are done! some are even packaged up into Christmas presents!


The next project is on the loom: using handspun for both weft and warp. My husband helped with the pattern! If I could sit down for an extended amount of time, I could get it done pretty quickly!


Happy Holidays to all!


Fiber updates

The placemats are off the loom. They are measured – most are 24 by 13.25. There is one that is a couple of inches longer – I must have been distracted and lost count! I had 19 inches of loom waste in the front and 16 in the back. I cut them apart and need to zig zag the edges before popping them into the washing machine. Then I hem and they will be done.

Next, another set of placemats. Third time is the charm, right? These are in the blues. I did have a lot of this fiber but I am enjoying it. I think I have enough for another set but I will take a break from placemats after these and work on my rug.

I got my rug warp so I will begin preparing the warp soon. I am still considering pattern and fiber for the weft.

Finally, I did some spinning today. I am getting adjusted to the Kiwi. I spun some of the colored merino roving.


And second begun

I am weaving in weft blocks with the two greens and black. I was taken aback with the light green. Did it look as muddy as the crystal cove? Not really. The crystal cove’s fiber mixture didn’t make it a strong weft for this pattern. The light green is at least a solid color.

It was interesting to me: the closer I looked at the weaving the less happy I was. But distance from the weaving, seeing the big picture as it were, helped. I liked the blocks that were beginning to emerge and the way the pattern shifted from block to block. So I am sticking to my plan.

Here’s the weaving from “afar”:


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There have been some readjustments….

The first was with the tie-up. The pattern I selected was from Davison, p.39 – a miniature twill! I chose the last tie-up from this series. It was not a smart choice when I soon realized that I could not tie up 3 shafts on 4 of the treadles. Just wouldn’t work. The truth was in the weaving.

So I went back to the pattern in the book. There were 4 other choices after all. Seems I had chosen the one which required the most shafts to be tied up! So readjusted to the second tie-up in the series. This went better immediately and felt more normal with two shafts not three being tied up!

I wove some picks of black and hem-stitched. So far so good.

Then I began using the crystal cove weft. Hmmmm. The truth is in the weaving –

cystal cove weft

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