My journey into the world of weaving

The 5th is begun!


The weaving seems very easy. I like throwing the shuttle! and getting a rhythm going.


It’s getting close to deciding my next project so I can have a warp ready to go on the loom when this when comes off. More placemats? with a different pattern? Still huck? My rug warp still hasn’t arrived – this week I think.

But what did arrive yesterday was this roving I ordered thru Etsy!


Won’t this be fun to spin! Maybe it will bring spring on sooner!

3 thoughts on “The 5th is begun!

  1. Oh, so yummy!! How can you decide which one to start with???

  2. I always enjoy checking out what you’re getting into. Nice presentation of your materials and ideas. I take it the spinning is going well. Sadly, you will be getting fewer and fewer weekday snowdays as the sun strengthens. Douglas

  3. Oooo, what yummy colors! I’m glad the weaving is going well. Your progress looks very good indeed.

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