My journey into the world of weaving

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New project on the loom!

I have almost finished dressing the loom for this next project of scarves. I have just to tie onto the front beam and figure out the tension.

I am using Zephyr wool-silk 4/8 for the warp and my “pumpkin juice” wool-silk plus some Peace Fleece.


I ended up not bringing the Dorothy to the Craft fair because of the Hannah humidity of the day. So I still have that loom. I’m playing around with some patterns and yarns on that. Kind of fun not to have to really think “product”.


Dish towels finished! and weaving on the Dorothy

The dish towels are finished! I had a total of about 24 inches for loom waste, front and back. That shows how close I was weaving!

Here’s the runt of the family (12.75 length / 14.5 width)


The length of the dish towels is all within the 22 inch range. And the width is pretty much 14.5 inches. Hemming them was actually fun and rewarding. I am sewing straighter and have gained a lot of confidence in sewing. And I love sewing my own handwovens!
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Dish towels off the loom!

And that’s just about it. I haven’t done any measuring yet. I ended up with 7 pieces in all. I would say 5 are going to be consistently the same length. 4 of those will be clones of each other. I didn’t divert from the pattern at hand. The 6th one I had a little fun with – weaving with both the white and green in the weft for a bit.

6th dish towel

The last piece is short. I think it will be squarish, rather than rectangular in shape. I also saw mistakes in this last piece, mostly because I was weaving very close to the apron rod and couldn’t get the shed I wanted.

The other project I worked on today was dressing the Dorothy for the first time. There were pieces I needed to do this so husband Ed crafted the lease sticks out of a yard stick and cut a rod for tying onto the rear beam.
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Scarf progress

More than half done on the second scarf. This is very easy weaving! Shall I say almost boring? But no, it is very satisfying. A little problem with the right selvedge but nothing huge, nothing worth taking out!
I got my yarn from Halcyon yesterday. Again, the pink error! They have the wrong color with the wrong number online! So instead of the mauve, I got pink. I am keeping it. I am going to try for a different look – perhaps stripes! May be funky, may be just lovely. I won’t know until I start weaving it! Most likely I’ll start warping this week – may take a while – it’s a long warp of 7 yards!!!!!!!
And I still have the Dorothy project on the back burner. I think this weekend I may squeeze in some time and at least begin to dress the loom!


All bathmats done; new project begun

The mauve and green bathmats are complete. Like the blue, the waffle did not pop out but I love the texture anyway! I was able to fringe twist the mauve; I like it! They shrank about 10 inches in length and a couple in the width so I am glad I made them longer. And I am eager to waffle weave again!
In the meantime, I have dressed the loom for the two scarves. I have done stripes with bamboo and the weft is two different colors of alpaca.
I have finally figured out what to do with Dorothy. I have a warp ready, the loom is as ready as can be, and I am going to thread to get a gamp! I have 4 different threadings and then I will change treadles every 4 inches or so. So we’ll see how that turns out!