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Tencel scarf off the loom!

It only took 6 months or so but I took the scarf off of the loom today. I still need to finish it: fringe and wash. Then I’ll take pictures!

I am moving in the next few weeks so I won’t be starting a new project until I am in my new home.

I am looking forward to participating with NOBO Guild again in 2016.

Thanks to anyone still reading! I want to get back into blogging about my weaving and spinning. I think it keeps me honest!

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New project – tencel scarf

I began a new project this weekend.
The pattern is shadow-weave, from Handwoven,Jan/Feb 2012, p. 46.
The fiber is tencel – two colors: black and taupe. I have never woven with tencel before. So far it is a charm.
But that might have something to do with that there are only 145 ends plus two.
I almost did too much warp but was able to remedy that easily and quickly.
Beaming was easy! I do love my Tools of the Trade loom.
Next – thread the heddles!

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1200 ends is a lot of ends to thread

I took advantage of having a day off and thought I could complete the threading.
As I neared the last bunch of ends, I realized it was two off. Sigh.
So I began to check, from the beginning. The error was, of course, about half way through. An unfortunate repeat. So I added two heddles and have been unthreading in order to rethread. I’m about where I was when I started this morning!
I guess I’m a little rusty but 1200 is a lot of ends.

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I’m here! working on the blanket

Time does fly! What a winter – so much snow. And here it is, almost the end of March with still a couple of feet on the ground.
Dishtowels: they did make it off the loom but have yet to be finished. I moved my sewing machine downstairs so I am hoping that will be more conducive to finishing them in the near future. I need to baste the edges, wash, cut them apart, and hem them.
Baby blanket: all 1200 ends!This has taken me a while. When I arranged the bouts on the loom, I discovered I only had 1192 ends! What to do! If I didn’t add the ends would it mess up the pattern? More importantly would I know HOW to adapt the pattern? Answers: yes and no. So I added 4 ends on each side. They are tied onto the back beam rod so at least I won’t have them in their little containers tangling with each other.
I am now currently threading the heddles and this is going well, albeit slowly. I have threaded a third.
I will add pictures when there is something to see! But so far so good.


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