My journey into the world of weaving

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New project

I began a new project:
Plain weave
Warp is 70% alpaca/ 30% silk – gradient “sangria”
Weft is handspun corriedale cross top – rose
Hoping to get two scarves.



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Weaving the second scarf

This scarf has the bamboo for the warp and I’m using the handspun camel as weft.


Not very clear – my phone does not take great pictures.

Here is my loom set up in my new home:


And if you look hard in this one, you can see my cat Rozzie behind the glass door:


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Weaving in the new home

I am beginning my first project in the new home! Only took 8 months! but I had been thinking about this one for a bit.

I am very rusty. I had to sit and think about the whole process of dressing the loom but I think I am getting it now. Project is beaming fairly smoothly – I’ll get that done today I am sure.

I need to do an errand but I’ll be back to work on this and maybe watch the Olympics at the same time!

Thanks for reading – it’s good to be back.


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Weaving is smooth

And it’s true. This is a sweet little piece. 13 inches wide and abour 45 inches in length so far. Plain weave and using all handspun for warp and weft. Not sure what this will be. A scarf? Maybe if there is enough I can make a little vest from it.


Inventoried what I have. I bought a bunch of different fiber in the summer. What I did today was match what I bought with a pattern. So I have at least 3 projects lined up. Probably all on my Tools.

I want to do another double weave blanket on the Norwood sometime.

Now to get back into the spinning groove too.