My journey into the world of weaving

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I’m here! working on the blanket

Time does fly! What a winter – so much snow. And here it is, almost the end of March with still a couple of feet on the ground.
Dishtowels: they did make it off the loom but have yet to be finished. I moved my sewing machine downstairs so I am hoping that will be more conducive to finishing them in the near future. I need to baste the edges, wash, cut them apart, and hem them.
Baby blanket: all 1200 ends!This has taken me a while. When I arranged the bouts on the loom, I discovered I only had 1192 ends! What to do! If I didn’t add the ends would it mess up the pattern? More importantly would I know HOW to adapt the pattern? Answers: yes and no. So I added 4 ends on each side. They are tied onto the back beam rod so at least I won’t have them in their little containers tangling with each other.
I am now currently threading the heddles and this is going well, albeit slowly. I have threaded a third.
I will add pictures when there is something to see! But so far so good.

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Blanket is finished

I did a wash with Orvus Paste as recommended. I did not treat with hair conditioner, even though that was recommended!

Final measurements has the blanket at 74 inches long and 54 inches wide. Of course, now that I looking at it, I do see a little error here and there. But nothing major so it still constitutes a miracle! I think my mom was hinting at me giving it to her and while she may yet end up with it, I didn’t want to give it away just yet. It’s on the back of our sofa.

I am preparing to do a set of bath towels next. I haven’t begun the warp yet but will soon!

Spinning with the Louet is a delight and smooth so I am enjoying that.

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Inching to the finish

I have perhaps 10 inches left to weave of the doubleweave blanket! I think it will be off the loom tomorrow!

Next? Just arriving today from Lunatic Fringe are two kits. One for 3/2 unmercerized cotton bath towels and the other for napkins. Which to do, which to do! That decision will be made this weekend.

And I have the Louet home for a bit. It is so much fun to ply on it! I am also spinning some very slippery stuff – bamboo, wool, and nylon – and it’s perfect for that.

So pictures to come of the blanket when it is off the loom and when I have determined my next project!

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Fiber finishings and beginnings

I am sewing the two blanket panels together. This blanket ain’t going anywhere! One panel is about 4 inches longer so I had to decide how to sew together. I decided to split the difference so there will be about 2 extra inches at either end for one half. In doing that, the pattern doesn’t quite match at all and I ended up sewing the “wrong” halves together. It isn’t serious; it’s just a matter of pattern after all.
Once sewn, I will trim all lengthy ends and then I’ll wash it.

I learned a lot from this weaving project. Not only beating but ppi is critical. Helpful to that is the temple which I basically learned how to use on this project. Consistency consistency! So I look forward to doing another blanket – probably in the new year. And actually, I think I’ll try my hand at doubleweave!

Meanwhile, I am dressing my Tools with the alpaca to make scarves. The pattern is taken from a recent Handwoven: plain weave and a variation of basketweave. It is a joy to dress the Tools – so small and compact and quick! I am surprised I remembered the paper in between! I am just about ready to thread the heddles. Once I have it all ready to weave, I’ll take some pictures.

Oh and I am so happy to be weaving downstairs!