My journey into the world of weaving


Rug is done!

Off the loom, stray ends cut, and fringed! And lying in place.


I pondered the fringing for a while, trying several different approaches and ended with this.


The fringe is about 3 inches long.

I am pleased with the rug! It is 79 inches in length – perfect! I’m glad it’s not longer. It is 26 inches in width.

I gave my loom some TLC this afternoon: dusting, tightening, soothing words. It is ready for the next project which will be scarves using my handspun for the weft! Pattern to be decided as I wind the warp into balls and then warping.

Whew. I will not be doing another rug on this loom. I will try to do some more weaving with rags but on smaller projects. That was fun!

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Rug within inches of completion

I have perhaps 10 more inches to weave, maybe less. The rug will be about 80 inches in length, at least 6 feet. Remember I cut off a portion in the beginning to resley.

I am finishing up some spinning of skein so I will have a few hundred yards to actually weave with! I bought some yarn for warp and intend to weave a couple of scarves. It will be fun to use my handspun!

Pictures and more by the weekend!

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About half way

I’m about at the midway point of the rug. The right hand end was getting looser so I have weighed that down. That has helped with the tension as a whole and weaving seems straighter. I had developed a bit of slant towards the right side but it is evening out. I am beating hard still but maybe with more rhythm so it doesn’t seem so violent! And I am enjoying the weaving more now that I know what I am doing and where I am going. The final product won’t be perfect but I think I am going to be pleased by it. So onward!

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20 inches later

I ended up doubling up the 3 ply and that seems to lead to a better result. I’m also throwing in a few picks here and there of rags!

I’ve had trouble with the tension. The outer ends on the right side are still a touch loose despite tying and retying. So I’m sticking in a stick to tighten up those ends. Have to move that stick every time I wind the warp but that’s ok.

So I am weaving a rug. It ain’t perfect but it’s somewhat pretty. I like the colors which I realize I haven’t displayed here but now I have.


Maybe I will even take a progress picture – just be kind to me.


I am beating as hard as I have ever beat and I’m playing more and more with the weft before doing so. That is, I am bubbling the weft and learning how to do that so it doesn’t look really spastic.

I’m surprised that I am not tearing out my hair! Lots of readjustment but I am weaving. And then it will be done and off the loom and next project. Which. will. not. be. a. rug!

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Still readjusting

I purchased some 3 ply wool rug yarn and I did end up resleying every other dent but with 2 ends. I have woven just an inch or two. I know someone told me not to judge the work until after a couple of inches. But. It’s not looking like I want it to. I will weave a few more inches to see.

If it still doesn’t do what I want, and it’s probably because of the double sleying and thus a thick warp, I may do some serious readjustment. I have to consider how much I want this rug to look like I want it to! And think if such a serious move would actually result in that.

It is after all going to be on the floor far away from the discerning eye!